About Us

emuc-about-usElectro Mechanic Union Co. is one of many companies that works in the field of electrical, mechanical supplies, installations and maintenance, but what gives us advantage is our teamwork, as our teamwork introduce a complete group of services and solutions that specialized by its high quality and accuracy in the field of mechanical and electrical maintenance and fixing, adjusting and improving plants' equipments.

As we have a teamwork specialize in installation and maintenance the plants' equipments (Oil Extraction – meals – mills – silos – plants of food industries ……..etc)

Our vision
we are seeking to make the company a pioneer in the field of mechanical and electrical work and to save the best choices and means to our customers and that’s through improving and encouraging the innovations between the teamwork members from one side and between the teamwork and the customers from another side

Our mission
electrical maintenance and to introduce the alternative solutions to the traditional solutions for solving any problems and the production defects and that’s through a well trained teamwork on the modern maintenance ways plus every member in this teamwork aware of the importance of what teamwork means as the teamwork provides the positive side of the time and quality commitments that is detected for work as our clients are not only clients but they are our real partners