Mechanical & Electrical installations

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EMUC has unique expertise in the mechanical and electrical installations covers the Petroleum refineries-

Petrochemical industry- Power generation- Oil extraction- Feed industry- Loading, unloading and storage of grain-

Food industries- Sugar industry- Desalination- Plastic industry among others. 


Our Services include:

      Mechanical Installation

  •       Installation all kinds of pipelines
  •       Installation for all kinds of all the valves that are used in the industrial process
  •       Installation the metal structure for the industrial institutions
  •       Installation all kinds of pumps
  •       Installation for all kinds of compressors
  •       Installation of firefighting systems
  •       Installation of all kinds of conveyors
  •       Installation of all the equipment and devices that are used in the industrial process
  •       Installation of different air systems
  •       Installation of different hydraulic systems
  •       Make all the tests and preparations before starting operating the equipment and devices in the industrial institutions.

     Electrical Installation

  •           Install of all kinds of electrical transformers of middle and low potential which are produced according to the international standards
  •        Install lighting system that works against the atmosphere and explosive conditions.
  •        Install lightening protection systems
  •        Install cables tray and its accessories
  •        Install all control panels with engines which are selected and assembled internally or via international companies
  •        Install SCADA systems incorporate with the major companies that specialized in programming
  •        Install all measuring devices (pressure measuring – temperature….. etc)
  •        Install and programming all PLC devices
  •        Install firefighting alarm systems
  •        Install  communications systems
  •        install all low potential distributing panels that concerns the new residential areas
  •        Extend electrical cable lines

Other works

  •        Sandblasting, painting and coating.
  •      Building of the scaffolding.
  •      Thermal insulation.