Operations & Maintenance

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EMUC is regarded as one of the Egypt’s foremost operations & maintenance companies.

EMUC provides scalable, integrated operations & maintenance (“O&M”) resources and services during a facility’s lifecycle in virtually any location around the Egypt, including established Power generation-

Oil extraction- Feed industry- Loading, unloading and storage of grain.

We offer a wide range of O&M services, including complete turnkey operations models. For optimal flexibility, we offer integrated O&M solutions to fit your individual requirements.

We work with you to develop a commercial model to accomplish your business goals.

Our People

Our people are the key to our success; we are committed to developing and retaining an exemplary workforce. Your project will be staffed by professionals with the technical knowledge and expertise to tackle the most complex challenge and to do so safely and efficiently.

Our services cover:

   Mechanical Maintenance

  •         Maintenance all kinds of pipelines.
  •        Maintenance for all kinds of all the valves that are used in the industrial process.
  •        Maintenance of all types of pumps.
  •        Maintenance of all types of air compressors.
  •        Maintenance of fire-fighting lines.
  •        Maintenance of all types of conveyors (Belt, Drag, screw conveyors).
  •        Maintenance compressed air systems& lines.
  •        Maintenance different hydraulic systems.

  Electrical maintenance

  •         Maintenance of all types of motor control boards.
  •        Maintenance of all types of electric motors.
  •        Maintenance of all types of electrical generators.
  •        Maintenance of electrical production lines within production units.
  •        Maintenance of packaging machines inside the production units
  •        Maintenance of lighting systems.
  •        Maintenance Lightning protection systems.
  •        Maintenance of all types of distribution panels for residential areas.

  Operating Services

  •         Make all the tests and preparations before starting operating the equipment's and devices in the industrial institutions.
  •       Operation of productive units in accordance with the approved operational procedures.
  •       Best practice for follow up and control the production units to bring you to the highest productivity.